ActivLab Mass Up 1200 g.

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+ As many as 393 kcal in 100 g of product!

+ Provides maximum amount of nutrients required to gain muscle mass

+Creatine and Taurine support muscle cell growth

+Best option for people with a fast metabolism

  • MASS UP is a nutrient for those who want to gain muscle mass quickly and effectively. A perfect option for persons with a fast metabolism, having problems with building up strong muscles effectively and for those who practice high-intensity sports and need nutritional supplementation.
  • Mass Up provides the highest concentration of nutrients necessary for muscle mass increase – 100 g of the product contains as many as 393 kcal!!!
  • Creatine and taurine support muscle cell growth and prevent anti-catabolic effect, speeding up the process of post-workout regeneration. Mass Up is recommended during periods of excessive physical effort and especially to athletes of all disciplines practicing recreational and extreme sports.
ActivLab Mass Up
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