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ActivLab Amino Complex 120 tab.

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  • Whey Protein Concentrate of the highest quality enriched with Taurine and Creatine.

    + 70% protein

    + Contains Creatine and Taurine

    + Helps build lean muscle mass

    + High in nutritive value

    + Shows a strong anabolic effect

  • Muscle Up protein is a massive source of proteins supporting muscle mass increase and preventing its loss during a reduction diet period. Muscle Up Protein's high nutrition value and high anabolic activity make it ideal for persons wanting to keep their bodies fit and healthy.
  • Creatine and taurine support muscle cell growth and prevent anti-catabolic effect, speeding up the process of post-workout regeneration.
  • Being low in fat, Muscle Up helps build lean muscle mass, and is an excellent choice for those who are following their slimming program.
  • Muscle Up Protein is recommended during periods of excessive physical effort and especially to athletes of all disciplines practicing recreational and extreme sports.
ActivLab Amino Complex 120 tab.
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