Biotech Creatine Effervescent 13 tab.

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Why is the BioTech EFFERVESCENT CREATINE TABS are the most effective Creatine source for your money? Because the 95% of its active substances absorbs into your body, compared to about 35 percent absorption for plain Creatine monohydrate in water. This Effervescent Creatine formula contains 0g carbohydrate and 0g fat.

Every gram of effervescent Creatine equals with 3g of regular Creatine. The effervescent Creatine added to water reaches the right pH level, and from the stomach creating is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and out to the muscles. The BioTech effervescent Creatine helps you to avoid upset stomach and provides Creatine supplementation for your muscles. Even if there are several different Creatine products on the market you choose only most effective one! The best price and value on the market!

Supplement Facts

1 portion

per 100 g


59 kJ / 14 kcal

1017 kJ / 243 kcal



34 g


0 g

0 g


0 g

0 g



2000 mg

30400 mg



13 tablets/tube


blood-orange, blue grape

Directions for use:

Put 1 effervescent tablet into 200 ml of cold water to prepare one serving Creatine containing drink. Drink one serving 30 minutes before training.

Biotech Creatine
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