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Amino acids vs. protein tablets
As regards to the quality of amino acids tablets, there is  basically no minimum requirements in the supplement industry. A fact, which many manufacturers take advantage of - particularly the cheaper ones. In many cases only protein powder and binder are pressed as a tablet, printed with a beautiful amino acid balanced label on it.


Some vendors even go that far as to press cheap proteins such as soy or wheat protein, which are almost unsuitable for muscle building. High-quality amino acids preparations, however, contain at least Lactalbumin Hydrolysate (also known as whey protein Hydrolysate) as a raw material.

Free amino acids (free-form amino acids) are optimal, because these are metabolized in the shortest time and thus available the fastest for muscle building or muscular protection. AMINOTROPIN ® contains only pure, crystalline amino acids in free form and of the highest quality.

AMINOTROPIN ® uses only pure, crystalline FREEFORM amino acids.

Especially for the branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) herbal raw materials are used, as these are much cheaper than free amino acids. However, the disadvantage of raw materials is that the active component proportion of BCAAS is not optimized with each other. Usually it outweighs the proportion of Isoleucine.
With over 5000 mg per serving, AMINOTROPIN ® contains the "anti catabolic" branched-chain amino acids not only in sufficient quantity, but also in the right proportion. The amino acid profile of AMINOTROPIN ® was developed according to the latest scientific findings and contains the optimum BCAA active ingredient ratio 2:1:1 [L-Leucine (2): L-Valine (1): L-Isoleucine (1)].

Rapid release caplets of amino:
Compared to other amino acids tablets, the new AMINOTROPIN ® > > rapid release caplets < < are dissolved much faster. Through an optimized ratio of active ingredients to binders, and escpecially through the addition of > > release activators < < (explosives), the release of active agent BCAA is achieved, already after 3,2 minutes. That means the fastest possible onset of action.

Recommended use:
Eat 6 tablets / caplets AMINOTROPIN ® 30-60 minutes before training and another 6 tablets/caplets immediately after your workout. On non-workout days you eat 6 tablets/caplets before breakfast. Swallow with sufficient liquid. For best results in conjunction with intensive training you should take AMINOTROPIN ® over a period of 6 weeks. Keep out of reach of children.

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